“The joyous energy of Panton’s production is played on Jason Denvir’s colourful set … (providing) major contributions to ensuring the story and its human world in animal form are treated to a vigorous, colourful outing.”
Reviews gate


“Jason Denvir’s set design provides not only a brilliant platform for the drama but a space (aided by the intimate Trafalgar Studios 2) that genuinely feels as though it could be the cramped hallway of a new apartment block.”
British Theatre Guide


‘The intimate surroundings of the Vault studio of the Playhouse are the perfect setting for the production; Jason Denvir adorns the murky, cavernous stage area in the classic movie studio paraphernalia of the day; with the audience seated just inches away from the action, it is nigh- on impossible not to feel part of the process. A leak in the ceiling drips steadily onto the crude concrete floor; a Super 8mm film projector clinks and whirrs into action and the Vault is thrown into implausibly dramatic lighting (Howard Hudson) from the authentic-looking floor lamps; within moments I was rapt.’