“Jason Denvir’s set design provides not only a brilliant platform for the drama but a space that genuinely feels as though it could be the cramped hallway of a new apartment block”
British Theatre Guide


“Mother Pig and her three offspring are up-sized by wearing Jason Denvir’s clever half-body fat suits. Denvir is also responsible for the set which is simple but no less effective, and presumably had to be designed around that belonging to The Commitments.”
Plays to See – Richard Voyce


“There is no sign that Drewe (who also directs), designer Jason Denvir and choreographer Ewan Jones have been limited by staging the piece around the set of The Commitments, in situ at the Palace Theatre. Instead, the colourful, imaginative approach creates a narrative that flows effortlessly as Bar, Bee and Q learn that life is best when ‘families stick together’.”
The Stage – Lisa Martland


“Jason Denvir’s ingenious designs have real charm. The big bad wolf’s more interested in preening his vertiginous quiff than dismembering tender piglets clad as they are in capacious pink onesies”
The Telegraph – Jane Shilling


“He finds his way to the building site where the pigs, with the ingenious help of designer Jason Denvir, have erected structures of straw and sticks – with a Stomp-like percusssion number to set the mood – and the more durable brick bolthole that opens out spaciously, and colourfully, to accommodate the happy family reunion at the end.” – Micheal Coveney


“Jason Denvir’s set comes into its own in the final act, when the three pigs’ houses are revealed. They’re rather sumptuous creations; one heaves with hay, another is made up of spindly sticks and the pièce de résistance, the brick house, comes complete with a smoking fireplace. The audience bursts into spontaneous applause.”
The Guardian – Mirrian Gillinson


“Jason Denvir’s brilliant set is transformed from three separate slides in the blink of an eye into three houses of straw, sticks and brick, the first two crumbling under the wolf’s huffing and puffing but Q’s more thoughtful brick edifice defying all his dastardly efforts.
The set was almost the star turn for my grand-daughter who has now given up on “awesome” as the mot juste to express pleasure. These days the acting, singing, dancing, set and story are “epic” instead.”
Musical Theatre Review – Jeremy Chapman