‘The intimate surroundings of the Vault studio of the Playhouse are the perfect setting for the production; Jason Denvir adorns the murky, cavernous stage area in the classic movie studio paraphernalia of the day; with the audience seated just inches away from the action, it is nigh- on impossible not to feel part of the process. A leak in the ceiling drips steadily onto the crude concrete floor; a Super 8mm film projector clinks and whirrs into action and the Vault is thrown into implausibly dramatic lighting (Howard Hudson) from the authentic-looking floor lamps; within moments I was rapt.’


“The Vault at Southwark Playhouse is the perfect space for a show which largely takes place in film studios and set & costume designer Jason Denvir and lighting designer Howard Hudson have done a great job creating the backstage world and the early 20th century period with a pile of props and machinery at the back which is brought forward and moved around to create many different scenes. The period costumes are excellent and the lighting is hugely atmospheric.”